Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sprout's Garden

A few readers have requested a look around the Sprout’s House garden, so whilst the weather was warm last weekend I took a few photos. If you’ve missed the house tour you can find it here!

There is a raised patio area and summer house/workshop. This is another top priority on our ‘to do’ list. It is piled high with stuff that needs sorting out. It’s just a matter of waiting for another sunny weekend!!

We had to carry out a bit of maintenance on the lean-to’s guttering as originally it was attached to two water butts. 

However, whenever we had a lot of rainfall these overflowed on to the render and concrete – we are trying to avoid any more damp at all costs!!

The garden is on many different levels so it’s up a little set of steps and on to the grass. Sprout’s last garden had grass many moons ago, but it was the size of a postage stamp and barely worth mowing so we paved over it and gave our lawn mower away! Cue a quick trip to equip ourselves with another one last weekend. (Sprout’s Daddy was quite specific about the one he wanted – it does stripes apparently!!) 

At the top of the garden is another patio area, and a big flower bed. We’ve spent quite a few hours cutting all the plants back and also doing a bit of demolishing! There used to be a couple of ponds and a little waterfall, but with a Sprout we decided to get rid of it – better safe than sorry!

And then a shot of the back of the house……I think the last one you saw was snow covered! You can just see one of the water butts and the marks on the render. On the left, you can still see where we need to extend the drain pipe so it meets the drain at the bottom.

Last but not least the glorious blue sky. This is what makes all those cold, damp days a distant memory…..bliss.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

Sprout’s House

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