Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sprout's 'New' House Part 2

Happy New Year everyone!! 
I hope your 2013 has got off to a good start!!

As promised (better late than never!!), here’s the second set of pictures of Sprout’s ‘New’ House. In part 1, I left you at the bottom of the stairs.......................

So at the top of the stairs, if you turn right you head towards Sprout's room.......

But not before you pass Sprout's play area.......

Yup - that's it at the moment. However, we have plans afoot to remedy this over the next few weeks. 

This is her room......and no it's not normally this tidy. I managed to take this photo in a rare moment of calm!

On to our room......

Ta dah! My new built in wardrobes!!! I think this style will definitely take off!!??....

Back out on to the landing and the bathroom is directly opposite Sprout's room. Don't you just love our bathroom suite? Duck Egg or French Grey? I have no idea, but it has to go and soon!!

Our rather disgusting shower - full of mould and lime scale. I've managed to clean it up a bit since this photo was taken. I'll share my mould busting method with you all soon.

Out of the bathroom and into the spare room. 

As you can see we were in the middle of preparing for Sprout's Grandparents arrival from Thailand for the wedding. The more observant of you may have noticed that the wall paper stops half way down the wall. Just plain weird! The other thing we've recently discovered is that the floor we walk on upstairs is not the real floor. The real floor is about 3cm below......... and between the two sets of floor boards someone has laid all the pipework. Oh joy!! I can't wait to tackle that little D.I.Y disaster!!

Well, there you have it folks that's the tour of our new little house. There's lots to do and I think it'll keep us busy for a good few years plus I'm sure we'll uncover some more dodgy D.I.Y!!!

Sprout’s House

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