Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sprout's 'New' House

Well….we made it! It was touch and go for a while as we didn’t exchange until 3pm on the day before we were due to move! In fact, the removal company were half way through packing up the house before our solicitor phoned confirming that the move would go ahead!!

So now that we are back in the land of living i.e. we have internet access, I thought I would give you a tour of the house.

So here goes……

Obviously, this is the front door. Now before you go getting excited just stop a minute and lower your expectations.... then take them down another few notches… because when you open the front door you are confronted with this….

During one of our viewings, Sprout’s Daddy and I noticed that when you knocked on this wall it sounded hollow. Cue daydreams of hidden priest holes, secret steps down into a long forgotten cellar or even just a bit of extra room when you open the front door. Sprout’s Daddy had his feet a bit more firmly on the ground and thought it was most likely a whole load of blown plaster. So the other day, Sprout’s Daddy drilled a little test hole through the plaster and we glimpsed the ‘oh so attractive’ wall paper you can see in the photo. After another test hole, we decided we might as well take all the plaster off and have a proper look. What we didn’t bargain for was for half the brick work to come with it. It turns out that somewhere along the line moisture had become trapped behind the plasterboard and hadn’t been able to escape resulting in our bricks turning to dust! I have a feeling this is not going to be the only thing we’ll be adding to our ‘to do’ list! Anyway back to the tour, if you turn left you enter the living room.

Straight through the living into the ‘office’ with the a bathroom to the left.

Then on through into the kitchen, where our tiny fridge stands on the counter. 

The other part of our fridge is in the downstairs loo….

This is the second part of the kitchen – in the corner you can still see the camping stove which we cooked on for a couple of weeks before our oven was hooked up.

On through the kitchen and into..... a wall of boxes. The next three rooms are still full of boxes that we’re not going to unpack until after we've done some work on the house.

And then we’re back to the beginning along with a little peek up the stairs…

It’s just the ground floor for now as there are so many photos, but I’ll add photos of the upstairs in a few days. Come back soon and have a nose round!!

Sprout’s House


  1. Wow! It's the first time I've done the tour and I love it! Best feature, though, has got to be the bunny cushion lol xxx

  2. Ha ha!! I can't believe I hadn't told you about our bunny cushion. xox